Discover: Lentils

I love red lentils as they are delicious, filling and quick and easy to prepare. You can turn them into hearty soups, or add them to many meals to add their wonderful flavour. Lentils History The earliest lentils were found in Greece dating back between 13,000 – 9,500 years ago. Lentils have been found in…

Discover: Tahini

Tahini is a delicious paste made solely from ground sesame seeds. It is an ancient nutritional powerhouse, and exceptionally versatile. You can add it to any course – breakfast, lunch or dinner and it tastes amazing. From toast to fish to frozen yoghurt, tahini makes everything better! Tahini History Sesame Seeds have been cultivated in…

Oven Baked Mushroom & Chestnut Risotto

This delicious wholesome risotto is very easy to make and offers a quick alternative to the traditional way of preparation.

Serve with beetroot salsa and a bowl of mixed petits pois and fine green beans.