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Whether you would like to invite friends, colleagues or that special someone over for dinner but are worried about what you can conjure up for the occasion, then worry no more: Coco is here to help.

CheersWith over 25 years of experience Coco can give you all the hints, tips and advice on how to plan menus, themes, and an ambience perfect for impressing your guests. Coco will build up your confidence and your skills by helping you plan your event the way that works best for you. Nothing will be left to chance when you plan your party with Coco – you and your guests will have a wonderful time, and without breaking your budget. Best of all, Coco will make sure you have a great time learning lessons that will help you for a lifetime.

So don’t worry about who is coming over to dinner, throw your party the Coco way! With a selection of recipes for all dietary needs and lifestyles, no matter who your guest is Coco can show you how to tantalize their taste buds.

What are you waiting for? Choose from the list of classes below, and then follow the links to our booking page to hire Coco today!

Cookery Classes 

Persian PartyPersian Party
Fancy a touch of the middle east? Find out how to impress your guests by channelling the exotic magic of Persian cuisine. More >

Veggie Delight
Create delicious and interesting vegan or vegetarian food which will entice both vegan/vegetarians and meat eaters alike. More >

Late Suppers & Get-Togethers
It’s late and you want to cook something fast to satisfy and impress your guest – Coco knows just how to help. More >

Big Portions, Low Calories
Watching your weight doesn’t have to mean a small plate! Satisfy a healthy appetite by making a big portion with fewer calories. More >

Romantic Meals
Learn to prepare easy, delicious and impressive dishes in advance, giving you more time to spend with your date. More >


SaladCasual Lunches
Having friends over for a casual lunch can be wonderful – spending their whole visit in the kitchen not so much. Learn to create delicious simple lunch time meals and keep lunch casual. More >

Super Soups
Making soups is fun and easy, and their delicious warmth is a wonderful way to stave off the cold in the winter months. More >

Healthy Cooking
 can show you the tips and tricks on how to use healthy cooking techniques such as how to use very little oil without losing flavour. More >

Sumptuous Salads
Think Salad is boring? Let Coco teach you to make a Warm Chilli Duck Break Salad and then think again! Learn what makes an amazing salad and the secret formula for salad dressing, and you’ll never call it rabbit food again. More>


Party Food

Dips, Canapés & Light Bites
Need some food to circulate during your soiree? Learn to make amazing party foods that will impress your guests. More >

Small Dinner Parties
A small dinner party has the potential to grow relationships exponentially – learn how to make sure you spend your evening tending to your guests and not just your pots and pans. More >

Dinner Parties for Larger Gatherings
A large dinner party has many moving parts and guests that need taking care of. Coco can show you how to make sure neither are ignored. More >

Bountiful Buffets
The art of a great buffet is much more subtle than just providing delicious foods (although that is vital of course). Learn the secrets to making sure everyone gets enough of everything without having piles of left-overs. More >


Cake199x298bSpecial Diet Desserts
Are you avoiding eggs, dairy, gluten or refined sugar? There is no reason at all why you can’t have a delicious cake and eat it! More >


or Alternatively Why Not Try…

Especially for you
Do you have a specific meal or menu in mind? Do you have no idea what you might want to create in the kitchen? Hire Coco for a bespoke cooking class and whip up a lesson just for you! More >




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