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Sweet Potato is one of my favourite vegetables. This modest looking tasty treat with its bright orange flesh and its delicious sweet flavour has a surprising amount of health benefits. It is also easy to prepare, and adds interest to any dish. With all these benefits, what’s not to love?

Just so you know: although americans often say Yam instead of Sweet Potato, it is in fact (very) different! See here for more details.

Sweet Potato History

  • They are thought to have been first cultivated in Peru in 8,000 BC.
  • The first Europeans to taste Sweet Potato were part of Christopher Columbus’ famous expedition.
  • George Washington grew Sweet Potatoes on his farm.
  • In Benton, Kentucky there is an annual Sweet Potato festival.
  • It is a staple of many island nations, partially due to it’s resilience when other crops fail due to tsunamis.

Sweet Potato Nutrition

  • It is full of beta carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, E and mineral zinc, making it an excellent detoxifier and immune booster.
  • It is the best low fat source of vitamin E, which benefits cardiovascular health and generally improves the complexion.
  • In addition it provides energy, prevents anaemia and helps with digestion.
  • It is one of the least likely foods to contain pesticide residues according to the EWG.
  • They are fat free and cholesterol free.
  • The amount of vitamin C in them actually increases when you bake them!

So this versatile and appetizing vegetable not only makes your meal more enticing, it is also super food and so it’s super good for you!

Sweet Potato Recipes

Find all my recipes for Sweet Potato here:



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