Oven Baked Mushroom & Chestnut Risotto

This delicious wholesome risotto is very easy to make and offers a quick alternative to the traditional way of preparation.

Serve with beetroot salsa and a bowl of mixed petits pois and fine green beans.

Oat & Cinnamon Crumble

In this simple, delicious yet economical pudding, the sweetness of pears counteracts the sharpness of the summer fruits. The fruit crumble tastes good if served at room temperature too. Serve with ice cream, single cream or warm custard.

Horseradish Beef Fillet on Mini Yorkshire Puddings

These elegant bites are easy to prepare.

The roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and sauce will keep in the fridge for up to 2 days. To assemble before serving, see tips below. A platter of this finely sliced beef fillet accompanied by a bowl of horseradish sauce can also enhance your buffet table.

This Horseradish Beef fillet served with light mini Yorkshire puddings and a plate of roasted vegetables also makes an elegant main course.

Chestnut Soup

This tasty, light, velvety soup is very easy to make.