How To Entertain Beautifully

Mahin Driskill’s book, How to Entertain Beautifully contains a hundreds of great recipes to delight and inspire you and your guests, but that is just the start of what this wonderful book has to offer.

How to Entertain Beautifully is first and foremost about home entertaining, and is full to the brim with helpful and insightful tips and ideas. Mahin Driskill shares with you a lifetime of personal and professional experience on how to plan menus, create themes and generate a wonderful atmosphere that complements any meal.

Whether you are planning an Italian evening, a Middle Eastern experience or even a Scottish Burn’s Supper – this book will help you give any event that wow-factor that will leave your guests enthused and delighted.

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This is not an ordinary cook book. Mahin has a special gift, and a couple of secret ingredients. Her meals are prepared with unconditional love. This book is offered from the same consciousness, and that’s why you’ll notice the difference in your results as you test her recipes and benefit from her experience.”

T. Tillman


“This is a beautiful book with pictures and recipes that remind me of tales of 1001 Nights, with lots of valuable advice how to successfully entertain guests.

Mahin Driskill goes far beyond just providing great food, and makes sure my guests will leave at the end of the evening having experienced what she calls a ‘wow-factor’.”

C. Clan


“This remarkable publication highlights not only the importance of presentation, which is of course mentioned in other books, but discusses how to create the perfect ambience with sight, sound and smell too.

As someone new to the art of hosting, and hesitant about my ability to entertain, I found this book is full of practical tips and a great confidence builder.”

Paul B.


Mahin never ceases to inspire with her creativity and simple ideas. Her recipes are both a treat to savour and a feast for the eyes.”

 N. Kingsley


There are so many delicious flavours in this book it feels like every single taste bud is being tantalized.I have a wide taste in food and eat almost anything, anywhere in the world, but I’ve never tasted food like Mahin’s.”

G. Sootarsing

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  1. nadia bruce says:

    I have been looking for the right entertainment book for as long as I remember.
    I have now found it. Thank you Mrs Driskill for such book.
    Nadia Bruce (aka Doudja)

  2. Nooria Rahmanie MD says:

    I’m a gourmet consumer and cook, but Mahin Driskill’s “How to Entertain Beautifully” makes me an amateur.

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